The Day


The Story

On Monday, November 9, 2009, Thomas and I both worked in the morning and had the afternoon to play.

Around 2 PM we got together. We went grocery shopping at Walmart. We usually check the "bargain" rack where they have baked goods that are on sale, and today was no exception. There were lots of goodies out, including some of those giant cookie-cakes with all the frosting. Thomas likes those and decided to get one. He picked out one that said "congratulations" and put it in the cart. I said, "gee, wouldn't it be funny to leave that on the table at my apartment? My roommates would totally think something was up."

If only I had known his plans for later in the afternoon!!!!

After putting away our groceries, we decided to go on a walk. A couple of weeks ago, we'd walked near his apartment and come upon a bike trail that we would've liked to have explored then, but that first time it was too dark. Today, since we'd gotten an earlier start on things, we headed for that trail to see what adventures awaited us.

HA! And what a grand adventure!

Our walk was pleasant, as our walks always are. The trail took us along a stream/river and through an area full of trees arrayed in their glorious fall colours. I don't remember specific conversations we had, but all of a sudden, Thomas turned me toward him and was down on one knee with a ring in a box in his hand!

He asked me the question! "Lisa, will you marry me?"

And.... well.... I SAID YES!

As he put it: "Simple...a walk, a stop, a drop, a pop, some shock, a yes, and lots of talk!"